Commercial 21 X-Series

It is tougher and faster, with the Patented Front Height Adjustment, Signature Cut with 4.5″ Deep Deck and Single-Point Rear Height Adjustment.

There?s tough. Then there?s this?the Commercial 21 X-Series self-propelled mower?with its front engine guard designed to protect the valve cover and other vital parts from trailer damage. And its formed, steel wear plates on the cutting deck edges to guard against the abrasion wear that comes with the job. If you?re looking for performance and durability in a commercial-grade walk-behind mower, get yourself a Commercial 21 X-Series.

Commercial 21 X-Series Features:

  • The Exmark Signature Cut: The cutting deck is a full five inches deep, delivering a consistently great cut whether you?re bagging or mulching grass clippings.
  • Easy On/Off Bag Design: Easy on/off bag design eliminates the need for levers and doors. The top fill feature allows the operator to check how full the bag is during operation.
  • Patented Front Height Adjustment: Innovative, simple and built to last, our patented front height adjustment eliminates the need for pivot-style adjusters. The single-point rear height adjustment allows the operator to quickly change the cutting height.
  • Bag Capacity: 2.5 bushel capacity
  • Wear Strips: The X-Series is equipped with wear strips for improved durability.
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