LB600E Cordless 60V Blower


High wind speeds: Generate up to 200 mph of air with a leaf blower from Cub Cadet leaf. Move heavier leaves and debris with a higher airspeed and cubic feet per minute (CFM). *Portable power: Handheld blowers are lightweight and designed to be used with one hand. They are best for small to medium jobs. *Clear more in less time: Wheeled leaf blowers are the most powerful option, and clear more debris in less time with less fatigue.

LB600E Features:

  • 60 Volt Max, 2.5Ah, 150Wh lithium-ion battery
  • 90 minutes of run time per charge on low speed with no power fade
  • Axial fan design delivers maximum efficiency with air speed up to 600 CFM/110 mph (177 kmh)
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