Navigator EFI

A mower that fits in almost anywhere, including on high-end properties.

Owners of high-end properties are a particular bunch. They want their lawns to be perfectly manicured. They want each blade to be in place. And they don?t want to see any grass clippings. The Navigator EFI was designed for such a job. With its exclusive Exmark deck and dedicated collection system, it leaves behind nothing but that ?straight out of the pages of a magazine? lawn that customers demand. But let?s not forget that this mower comes with all of the advantages of being an Exmark, including better operator comfort, higher ground speed and undeniable productivity. Those are the kinds of benefits that impress a certain discriminating customer?you. These EFI mowers are available with 48-inch decks.

Navigator EFI Features:

  • Eco-Friendly: Reduces fuel consumption, fewer emissions and carbon footprint.
  • Fuel Savings: Delivers up to 25% in fuel savings.
  • Reduce Green House Gases: Fuel saved directly correlates to reduced harmful exhaust emissions, including green house gases.
  • Easy to Start: Easy start in any altitude or climate condition (no manual choke).
  • Engine Efficiency: Closed loop (with O2 sensor) monitors combustion and keeps engine running at optimum levels.
  • Sequential Fuel Injection: Delivers the precise amount of fuel and spark where needed to maximize efficiency and power.
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