Revolutionary combination of low weight and high horsepower.

ECHO Perfect Edge edgers create that perfect manicured look for commercial properties and residential home sites. Nothing finishes a yard like a crisp edge between a sidewalk and the turf.

An ECHO edger delivers superior power and durability in lightweight and easy-to-maneuver units. Most ECHO edgers feature a Pro-Torque gear case that provides 20% more torque than traditional equipment and a clog-resistant shield to keep material from piling up and slowing down the blade.

If you’re looking for the best of the best, look no further than the ECHO X Series. The PE-2620 features a lightweight power head for easy maneuvering and clog-resistant shield.

PE-2620 Features:

  • Engine manufactured from military-grade magnesium
  • Two-stage air filtration system dramatically increases cleaning capability and allows for longer mainenance intervals
  • Tool-less access for convenient in-field servicing
  • Easy start-ability especially for re-starts in hot, dusty climates
  • Contoured, aluminum debris shield with a cut-away, open face to reduce clogging
  • Easy height-adjustment wheel with captive hardware
  • 2:1 gear reduction to power through tough overgrown grass
  • Shaft – curved
  • Weight – 14.1 lbs
  • Blade thickness – 0.09″
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