Signature Cut? Self-Propelled Lawn Mower SC 300 with IntelliPower HW

SC 300 with IntelliPower

With choices like high wheels for smooth operation over uneven terrain or caster wheels that allow you to lock into straight-line uniformity or unlock for additional maneuverability, you?ll find a mower that fits your needs. Plus, the option to turn your machine into a side discharge, bagging or mulching mower adds versatility to your cutting experience.

SC 300 with IntelliPower Features:

  • 159cc Cub Cadet engine with IntelliPower? Technology.
  • IntelliPower? technology instantaneously provides up to 20% more power
  • when its needed most in outdoor power equipment, which means less bogging down under heavy, wet loads.
  • 21 in. steel deep dome deck design allows for better airflow creating an optimal environment for the blade system with a blade that triple cuts the grass to turn waste into mulch. Ideal for up to acre or less.
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