Turf Tracer X-Series EFI

The industry leader in walk-behinds with Patented Enhanced Control System, Superior Air Filtration and Ultimate Clutch Performance.

Large properties. Small properties. Tight spaces. Ornate landscaping. Whether you?re looking for a large walk behind with all of the bells and whistles or something a bit more modest, the Turf Tracer EFI X-Series is the family to turn to. All Exmark walk-behinds are designed to be incredibly productive, delivering a one-of-a-kind cut with each pass. These machines are built to last, taking on the toughest mowing conditions without breaking a sweat. They?ll have you easily maneuvering on hillsides, around flower beds, and anything else that can end up on the lawn. These EFI mowers are available with 52- or 60-inch cutting decks.

Turf Tracer X-Series EFI Features:

  • Eco-Friendly: Reduces fuel consumption, fewer emissions and carbon footprint.
  • Fuel Savings: Delivers up to 25% in fuel savings.
  • Reduce Green House Gases: Fuel saved directly correlates to reduced harmful exhaust emissions, including green house gases.
  • Easy to Start: Easy start in any altitude or climate condition (no manual choke).
  • Engine Efficiency: Closed loop (with O2 sensor) monitors combustion and keeps engine running at optimum levels.
  • Sequential Fuel Injection: Delivers the precise amount of fuel and spark where needed to maximize efficiency and power.
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